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Tuesday, December 15, 2015, ϟ 0 shout(s)

Salam & Hi (i know i have the format of giving salam but who cares, it 2015)

Its been a long so looong since my last update which the one i've wrote about my 2013 i guess. Entah aku malas nak check huhuhu. So here i am again tak tahu nak tulis apa but im eager to write something on my blog like cmon dah berhabuk ni (ye lah tu). Oh ya I'm writing this while hearing Sorry by Justin Bieber. Im a belieber once before remember ? Sekarang pun k (kaitan ?)

Life has been ok i guess. Why okay ? Because i dont wanna say it as bad or better sebab biasa biasa je. I dont know if ive changed or what i dont see any difference on me. Sometimes i feel like a bad person for no reason but yeah im not that bad cmon! Kenapa aku makin melalut oh ok its near 2 guys.

Next year will be a struggle year for me. Im turning 17 wow! SPMSPMSPMSPMSPM. Of course im targetting the best but ye lah i think we better know our potential first and make our target based on that. Its for me lah, ada orang memang target straight A plus plus because youre gonna work hard for your goals kan ? depends. With all the KBATs type of question idk maybe its early to feel something or just aku je yang takde kesedaran. I prefer yang number 2 hahaha. Basically taking 11 subjects is not a problem for my seniors before but i dont know about myself. We'll see how next year. Everything's gonna be ok inshaAllah.

Im actually dont even know how to continue this entry. Its 2:30 am and everyone is sleeping. I guess i should too (boleh percaya ke ?) See you in next entry probably will be on this week too, dalam masa terdekat inshaaAllah. Take care & have a nice day ahead!

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